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Life, The Universe And Everything
Tuesday. 4.10.07 11:35 pm
Ok.. so this is gonna be short on capitalization cause i'm in a .. but life has taken a rathern interesting turn... i have recently stopped talking ot my mother.. why?? because she beat the hell out of my daughter in the kmart parking lot. I have noh use for her anymore,... i love her.. she's my mother but i don't want my son around her... i don't want me around her... not onlky does she have no parenting skills... but she is mean too... i will freely admit i'm afraid of her... but ohnly because i'm likely to go to jail.. than she is to hurt me,.. Anyway... just needed to unburden my soul to the 3 people that read my blog for the points.... I MISS THE INTERNET!!!!!

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The internet misses you! Too bad about your mom.. wow, that is a really sad story.

» Dilated on 2007-04-11 12:08:31

Whoa! Yeah, that's not a good reason to not talk to her anymore. I figure if you feel your parents didn't do a good job of raising you, you probably shouldn't keep your kids around them, you know?

If I have kids, I'm sure I'll let my parents visit, because while I have my own personal issues with them, I don't think that my parents would be around them long enough to give those issues to the kid as well.
» ikimashokie on 2007-04-11 12:19:18

I think I'm confused, especially about the jail part. You're scared of her because you think she'll throw you in jail? I'm probably reading this completely wrong, so sorry -_-.

Anyways, my mom's dad hit my sister once for treading on his precious flowerbeds. She was like 6 for god's sake. My mom pulled him over and said "You will never touch my children again." Everything's all better, the whole situation pretty much blew away overnight, but it's probably because my mom stepped in and made my grandpa realize what he did.

Now I don't know what you're mom's like. If she's as cold as you make her sound, this approach probably won't do any good. But eh, I'd stand up to her. If you're afraid of her, chances are she wants it that way. So don't be.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2007-04-11 01:48:18

beatings is never a solution to produce non-insolent kids.

i never agreed to this type of solution and sadly to say that i grew up in that kind of environment. although i'm past 20 but i will still be slapped by my parents if i'm insolent. i hated it very much.
» renaye on 2007-04-11 02:28:15

That must have been really embarrassing. Well I hope you and your mom work out this fight your in, and you shouldn't be afraid of your mom. Maybe you guys should go and talk it out, i'm sure things will work out for the best.
» catatonicloki on 2007-05-01 05:25:52

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